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Feedzone Discovery Pack – Our favorites carefully crafted into a Limited Edition


From chews to bars, gels and hydration, a goodie box invites to test out a variety of products and pick what you'd love to buy next. If you're into optimizing your health and performance then here you go! 

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Hand-picked by feedzone founders to let you test out our favorite products:

In need of clean, quality nutrition and supplements but lost in the sea of options? We've got you covered. Over the years, we ventured out to be our own guinea pigs in search for the best products from conscious brands that truly understand us, endurance athletes. Result? Well, the whole feedzone brand and shop stemmed from that journey, but so did this jam-packed testing pack!

Save 15% with a flavourful and functional package deal: 

A perfect start to improving your performance with nutrition, each pack includes:

  • 2 Packs of Clif Chews (a fair square of quick energy  – healthy and tasting like a candy!)
  • 1 Pack of Skratch Energy Chews (fruity, juicy and nutrient-packed energy bites release energy steadily)
  • Skratch Energy Bar (handy, tasty and vegan, this bites carry you through long workouts or races)
  • 1 Nuun Sport (hydration bliss overflowing with electrolytes in fizzy dissolvable tablets)  
  • 2 Maurten Gels (revolutionary Scandinavian edible jello with 25g of carbs per tube for the hardest days)
  • 1 Maurten DRINK MIX 320 CAF 100 (keep in the game with an epic  hydrogel energy drink, the caffeinated version!)
  • 4 Sachets of SOS Hydration (redefining endurance athlete's hydration with medically formulated low-carb electrolyte mix)
  • 2 AMP Human Sachets (world's first and only sports lotion scientifically proven to improve performance and decrease muscle soreness)
  • 2 226ers Bio Energy Gel (vegan energy gel from bio ingredients sourced from organic farms) 
  • 2 226ers Raceday Bars (the official energy bar of all European Ironman races, based on seeds and dried fruits )
  • 1 226ers Vegan Gummy Bar (fruity chews packed with electrolytes, vegan and clean ingredients only)

Not only can you relax knowing the best of the best is coming your way instead of looking up products, reading up reviews and improving through trial and error – but you are also getting everything 15% off!

Signature feedzone bottle included 

Apart from the goodies, you'll also get our feedzone bottle with the pack. As per now, this is a Limited Edition so make sure you get your hands on it. 

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Feedzone Discovery Pack – Our favorites carefully crafted into a Limited Edition

Feedzone Discovery Pack – Our favorites carefully crafted into a Limited Edition