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Puori Whey Protein PW1


The PW1 is no more! But do not worry, Puori comes with a solid replacement in the form of CP2, combining Puori Whey Protein with Collagen.

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An athlete's must for muscle repair and better sleep

Despite protein shakes being firmly connected to the bodybuilding community, these powdery wonders are absolutely essential for endurance athletes!

Your muscles get repaired, thus grow stronger.It lowers cortisol levels and starts the recovery process. We use protein powder after every exercise (either alone or in smoothies), and right before bed to facilitate sleep and recovery overnight.

Pure whey protein from GMO-free milk

PW1 is made with 80% whey protein concentrate. Whey is a complete protein, meaning it contains all the essential amino acids and thereby making it an ideal protein source in supplements. PW1 is based on whey protein powder made of milk from organic cows, free from GMO, hormones and pesticides.

The issue we have with many protein supplements is that they contain artificial sweeteners and highly processed ingredientsPuori PW1 contains only minimally processed whey, organic coconut palm sugar and flavor(bourbon vanilla or cocoa). It does not get much simpler than that. The taste is mild and pleasant.

PW1 contains organic coconut palm sugar, which creates a moderate spike in the blood sugar raising the insulin level and helps initiate protein synthesis for a full benefit of the protein.

Puori: Providing clean and superior products only.

It all began in 2009 with the frustration of not being able to find an Omega-3 fish oil that didn’t give fishy burps. Being the strivers that they are, founders Julius and Oliver said: “We’ll have to make it ourselves!

"Supplements should be based on nothing but pure and natural ingredients," sportsmen Oliver Amdrup-Chamby’s and Julius Heslet’s believed, and then proved over and over again from vitamins, minerals and oils to protein boosters, they strive to be the best at offering pure, clean & superior products.

Just like us at feedzone, Puori believes that health is an ever-evolving journey centered around making quality decisions within the four cornerstones of a good life:

  • a healthy diet,
  • physical activity,
  • recovery,
  • and balance.


No hack or quick fixes but rather a roadmap to holistic approach to health. Their product portfolio addresses the main nutritional deficiencies in the developed world in the most uncompromising way possible. Pure origin, full transparency, and care for a wholesome future. They surely gained our respect!

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Puori Whey Protein PW1

Puori Whey Protein PW1