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PR Lotion (Momentous/AMP Human)


World's first and only sports lotion scientifically proven to improve performance and decrease muscle soreness will help you make training gains, faster.

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Unlocks 16 % more power, reduces post workout soreness up to 53%.

Powered by InnerEdge™ technology, PR lotion is the world's only tool that unlocks the natural electrolyte bicarb. What exactly does it do? (Based on clinical trials):

    • gives you more efficiency and strength -> power for each repetition,
    • reduces post-workout soreness (up to 53%!) so you can get back to work faster,
    • unlocks 16% more power, 11% more blood lactate (that is actually good, because lactate fuels muscles!) and 25% more high-intensity intervals,
    • significantly lowers heart rate.

Now a little backstory: Bicarbonate is essential electrolyte preserving acid-base balance during exercise (ie. helps you feel less acid in the legs when cycling hard). It has been ingested by athletes in the form of a drink (a terrible drink!) since forever, but this has been causing significant gastrointestinal issues. PR Lotion delivers Bicarb through skin, with proven results and two main benefits.

First, enhanced buffering capacity to limit the negative impact of rapid acid production in the muscle can diminish the progression of fatigue during high intensity training session.

Second, PR Lotion reduces sensations of post-exercise or delayed onset muscle soreness.

Combined, PR Lotion can be an important tool to enhance the quality of training loads, allow effective recovery between training sessions, and enable the maintenance of desired performance outcomes.

First, we were sceptical. Then this happened:

We use this product religiously for high-intensity sessions, on the trainer, on the track or even for longer rides. We tag it along to literally every single race we do. Why?

  • It helps us prolong the moment we get tired until later.
  • It has us recover faster from hills,
  • or when we need to go hard to catch the pack in front of us.

It is common knowledge that Eliud Kipchoge used the cream on all of his body when he broke 2 hrs in the marathon. Pro Tour teams have it in their arsenal to tackle Tour de France and triathletes use it for their Ironman races. You have to try it to believe the hype, we were sceptical too. And then we never stopped.

AMP Human is helping everyone live without limits!

Whether you train like a pro, or are driven by passion to do what you love, you can go harder. Recover quicker. Be your best.

Two best-in-class brands, Amp Human (creators of PR Lotion), and Momentous, the cleanest, safest sports nutrition company have just merged together to build the future of human performance. Certainly a space to watch

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PR Lotion (Momentous/AMP Human)

PR Lotion (Momentous/AMP Human)