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226ers Salts Electrolytes


Stop feeling salty and get hydrated with vitamin D and minerals based food supplement by your favourite organic sports nutrition brand.

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Keeping muscles in the game on hot summer days. 

The body’s salt level is critical for optimum performance:

  • Salts help rehydrate the body.
  • They regulate muscle contraction.
  • Contain no calories.
  • Help reduce body weight.
  • Guarantees high performance with good mineral salt levels.


Ginger extract for improved digestion.  

Each capsule offers an equilibrium of mineral salts. Sodium is the salt our body most uses during exercise. It improves water absorption and, together with potassium, it regulates muscle contraction and prevents muscle cramps. Calcium, in addition, reduces acidity in the body, neutralises lactic acid and delays the appearance of fatigue.

Take 1 capsule half an hour before and after exercise, as well as 1 capsule every 30-60 minutes during exercise, wash it away with at least one glass of water (150 ml), and you are good to go!

226ers: What happens when you stay true, and care enough to solve the missing piece –⁠ optimal digestion. 

Stemming from a professional low, 226ers is a testimony of a lifelong dedication. At only 13 years of age, today's founder and CEO, Jesús Sánchez, switched from team sports to individual after reading his first book on sports nutrition. He then swam, windsurfed and skied his way into adulthood. Because he saw so much improvement resulting from hard work and paying attention to looking after oneself, nutrition became his lifelong interest.

During his triathlonist years, Jesús explored the relationship further, with major breakthrough happening when he had to drop out the Ibiza Ironman in 1999. He went deeper into his studies and emerged back in 2004, stronger but still challenged by endurance events: his issue were digestive problems breaking in final stages of competitions. He wasn't the only one though, other athletes knew this well. 

What followed involved his doctor, coach, dietician, numerous scientific studies, testing all possible products on the market, and almost straight out detective work!

It panned out big time: in 2010, Jesús began to work on his own composition based on his research. Gluten and sugar went out the window, whereas eating the cleanest sources of nutrition (think natural foods!) and focusing on hydration became the main pillars. His performances improved, and the rest is history. Together with founding 226ers, this Spaniard became the European long distance champion at the Roth Challenge, breaking the 9 hour barrier. Hattrick in Ironman World Championships followed. His life had changed, both professionally and in sport, all marked by nutrition suited to his needs –⁠ a message his company carries for others dedicated not only to winning, but to thriving longterm, in all areas of life. 

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226ers Salts Electrolytes

226ers Salts Electrolytes