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Puori Synbiotics - SB3


At least 13 billion good bacteria from two of the worlds most well-researched lactic acid bacterial strains. Packed with fiber and vit C. 

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Pimp your gut for immunity, motivation and mood.

There are many factors that affect your gut microbiom, such as diet, stress, sleep, training, and your general environment. Most of us have inadequate intake of both fiber and beneficial bacteria. Weak microbiom then affects our daily life, immunity, mood, motivation and recovery. This counts double for athletes as high intensity training and increased calorie intake affect gut's microbiom in a negative way.

SB3 contains Bifidobacterium BB-12®: one of the most researched probiotic strains and has been tested in more than 300 scientific studies. Lactobacillus fermentum PCC® was awarded the Health Ingredient Excellence Award for its outstanding properties compared to other bacteria strains. The bacteria are freeze dried and activated by liquid. The pack also contains fibers FOS, Inulin and Pectin to nutrients for the bacteria, as well as a dash of Vitamin C, which supports bacteria function.

The innovative stick pack ensures that the bacteria are kept dormant until consumed and secure full benefit of the product without having to refrigerate it.

Probiotics for endurance athletes? Indeed necessary. 

We were searching for perfect probiotics for a while, and the purity, convenience and general quality of SB3 convinced us. We started taking it with breakfast or lunch. Looking back, we do feel the difference. 

Puori: Providing clean and superior products only.

It all began in 2009 with the frustration of not being able to find an Omega-3 fish oil that didn’t give fishy burps. Being the strivers that they are, founders Julius and Oliver said: “We’ll have to make it ourselves!

"Supplements should be based on nothing but pure and natural ingredients," sportsmen Oliver Amdrup-Chamby’s and Julius Heslet’s believed, and then proved over and over again from vitamins, minerals and oils to protein boosters, they strive to be the best at offering pure, clean & superior products.

Just like us at feedzone, Puori believes that health is an ever-evolving journey centered around making quality decisions within the four cornerstones of a good life:

  • a healthy diet,
  • physical activity,
  • recovery,
  • and balance.


No hack or quick fixes but rather a roadmap to holistic approach to health. Their product portfolio addresses the main nutritional deficiencies in the developed world in the most uncompromising way possible. Pure origin, full transparency, and care for a wholesome future. They surely gained our respect!

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Puori Synbiotics - SB3

Puori Synbiotics - SB3