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SaltStick Caps


Elevate your athletic performance with SaltStick Caps, the ultimate electrolyte replenishment solution for endurance sports and vigorous activities. These easy-to-swallow capsules are expertly formulated to mimic the electrolyte profile lost in sweat, ensuring you stay hydrated and energized.

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Comprehensive Electrolyte Formula for Peak Performance

SaltStick Caps are packed with vital electrolytes, including sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium, as well as vitamin D, which aids in calcium absorption. This balanced mix helps to maintain proper electrolyte levels, crucial for avoiding cramps, fatigue, and dehydration during intense physical activities. Ideal for long-distance runners, cyclists, triathletes, and outdoor adventurers, these capsules support endurance and aid in quicker recovery. The addition of vitamin D distinguishes SaltStick Caps from other electrolyte products, offering an extra edge in overall health and performance.

Practical and Easy-to-Use Design

Designed with athletes in mind, SaltStick Caps are highly practical for on-the-go use. The capsules are compact and can be easily carried in a race belt, cycling jersey, or backpack. They are also stomach-friendly, minimizing gastrointestinal distress often associated with high-intensity exercise. With a suggested usage tailored to match your activity level and sweat rate, these capsules can be taken before, during, or after your workouts to ensure optimal performance and recovery. SaltStick Caps make staying hydrated simple and effective, allowing you to focus on achieving your best performance.

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SaltStick Caps

SaltStick Caps