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Skratch Vegan Recovery Drink


Running on empty after giving it your all? Two scoops will build you up, cell by cell, in no time! It's also vegan and tastes like real damn treat. 

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Kickstart your recovery with a lil' of protein and a whole lot of chocolatey carbs.

Skratch Recovery Mix is a 4:1 ratio carbs to protein powder designed to replenish lost carbohydrates fast. It will spike your insulin and get the sugar into your blood as fast as possible to kickstart your recovery after a very VERY hard workouts. It has a LOT of carbs (35g per 2 scoops) so it is not designed to be taken on your easy days or just because you like it. If you want it, you gotta get out and deserve it!

You'll now look forward to your toughest workouts.

If you have been out on a bike for 4 hours duking out hill intervals and barely made it home, or running 1k track repeats for 90 minutes, then you deserve a good serving of the Recovery Mix. It will make you look forward to those hard workouts. Trust us – the choco flavor tastes like chocolate milk with a little bit of heaven in it.

About Skratch: real fruit from scratch. 

"Sometimes the best option is the simplest option. You don't sweat Red Dye #40, so why drink it?" – Dr. Allen Lim, Sports Physiologist & Skratch founder

Dr. Allen Lim has always been making training food and drinks for his professional cycling team from scratch. Until today, Skratch Labs is very closely tied to the EF Education First Nippo Pro-Tour team. 

Why going the extra mile? Most supplements on the market were using too many artificial ingredients, which would often upset the stomach of his athletes.

The Skratch hydration mix was literally made in his home kitchen in Boulder, Colorado, by scaling back on sugar and adding sodium while using real fruit, in order to better match an athlete's needs. 

Skratch products is the closest to making your nutrition from scratch: you can always count they on them using clean ingredients and minimum artificial stuff.

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Skratch Vegan Recovery Drink

Skratch Vegan Recovery Drink