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Näak Energy Bar


Fuel your adventures, long workouts, or races with the Näak Energy Bar. Designed for ultra endurance athletes, this bar provides long-lasting energy without the sugar crash.

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Sustainable Energy for Ultra Athletes

With 200 calories, 28g of carbohydrates, and 405mg of electrolytes, Näak Energy Bar replenishes the minerals lost in sweat and provides simple and complex natural carbohydrates for sustained energy. The chewy texture makes it easy to eat during any activity or condition.

Cricket Protein for Sustainable Nutrition

Packed with 7g of high-quality and sustainable proteins, Näak Energy Bar fuels your body with essential amino acids to reduce muscle fatigue. Made with natural and non-GMO ingredients, Näak Energy Bar ensures you won't experience any digestive issues. Plus, it's made with cricket protein, a sustainable protein source with a low environmental footprint.

Trusted by Ultra Distance Athletes Worldwide

Trusted by ultra distance athletes worldwide, Näak Energy Bar is developed hand in hand with elite athletes through the Näak Lab. Count on Näak to fuel your adventures and redefine what's physically possible. Try Näak Energy Bar today and experience the power of sustainable nutrition.

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Näak Energy Bar

Näak Energy Bar