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Näak Energy Waffle


Elevate your performance with Näak Ultra Energy™ Waffles, the perfect on-the-go fuel for athletes and active individuals. Each waffle is packed with 140 calories of high-quality ingredients, 17g of natural carbohydrates, and 3g of essential amino acids, offering the ideal carbs to protein ratio to keep you energized, reduce muscle fatigue, and replenish essential nutrients .

Maple Syrup
Salted Caramel
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Energize Your Body, Sustain Your Performance

Näak Waffles are meticulously crafted to provide sustained energy during intense workouts or races. Engineered to replenish lost minerals and support your body's endurance, these waffles are designed to keep you going without the fear of muscle fatigue.

Sustainable and Delicious

Made with sustainable plant-based protein and free from palm oil, Näak Waffles not only fuel your body but also align with your ethical choices. Their smooth texture and convenient packaging make them the perfect choice to power up your active lifestyle without compromising on taste or quality.

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Näak Energy Waffle

Näak Energy Waffle