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Näak Energy Puree


Näak Ultra Energy Puree is a game-changing semi-liquid energy source designed to power ultra endurance athletes through intense workouts and races. With 200 calories per serving, organic certified and upcycled ingredients, and a focus on sustainable nutrition, it's the ideal choice for athletes who prioritize both performance and the planet.

Apple & Maple Syrup
Sweet Potatoes Butternut Squash
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Sustained Energy and Gentle Digestion

Unlike many traditional energy gels or bars, Näak Ultra Energy Puree offers 26g of carbohydrates for sustained energy without the risk of energy spikes or crashes. Its gentle-on-the-stomach formulation, designed with "baby food" texture, ensures optimal digestion during intense activities, making it the perfect choice for athletes seeking long-lasting fuel without the discomfort.

Balanced Nutrition for Enhanced Performance

With 325mg of electrolytes to replenish essential minerals lost through sweat and 5g of protein containing natural BCAAs, Näak Ultra Energy Puree not only fuels your body but also supports reduced muscle fatigue and enhanced recovery. This comprehensive nutritional profile is designed to keep ultra endurance athletes performing at their peak while preventing cramps and promoting overall balance.

Elevate your performance with Näak Ultra Energy Puree and experience the difference of a fuel that's specially formulated for ultra endurance activities. Feel the power of organic ingredients fueling your success, while making a positive impact on the environment.

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Näak Energy Puree

Näak Energy Puree