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Näak Energy Drink Mix


Fuel your ultra distance with Näak Energy Drink Mix. Designed for racing ultras, this drink mix provides 250 calories per 500ml of water, giving you the fuel you need without the sugar crash.

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Developed in collaboration with pro athletes, backed by science

Näak Ultra Energy™ Drink Mix is the first of its kind to offer complete proteins (EAAs) and BCAAs at optimized levels, preventing muscle fiber degradation during long and intense physical activity.

With 55g of simple and complex natural carbohydrates, 650mg of electrolytes to replenish minerals lost in sweat, and 1300mg of BCAAs to prevent muscle breakdown, this drink mix offers complete nutrition in a light and refreshing formula. Unlike other drink mixes, Näak Energy Drink Mix is less sweet, providing a more enjoyable experience.

To use, simply add 2 scoops to 500ml of water, shake well, and drink 1 serving for each hour of exercise. Trusted by ultra distance athletes around the world, Näak products are developed hand in hand with elite athletes through the Näak Lab. Backed by science, Näak Ultra Energy™ Drink Mix is scientifically formulated to meet the specific needs of ultra distance athletes. Fuel your performance and redefine what is physically possible with Näak Energy Drink Mix.

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Näak Energy Drink Mix

Näak Energy Drink Mix