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Puori Collagen Peptides - CP1


Turn your body into a well-oiled machine with clean, high-quality hydrolyzed collagen powder. 30 servings per bottle.

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Stress and intensity call for a collagen boost.

Collagen is the most abundant and structurally important protein in the body. It basically holds the body together, as it is present in every elastic tissue - bones, cartilage, connective tissue, skin, intestines and so on. Our bodies usually produce its own collagen, but age, stress and hard physical activity can increase demands of collagen and impair production of collagen at the same time.

CP1 from Puori is a clean, high-quality hydrolyzed collagen powder; which only contains pure collagen peptides (type 1 and 3, made from cows) that ensures optimal absorption and body function.

Collagen has a complex amino acid profile including a mix of both conditional and essential types. It’s particularly high in conditional amino acids, like arginine, glycine, and proline. These are great for supporting structure of our joints, nails, skin, hair, as well as the health of our gut and tendons.

Each scoop provides you with over 90% pure protein.

We strongly believe that anyone over 35 (and especially athletes) should be supplementing collagen on a daily basis. We have been searching for a good collagen for ages, and purity of ingredients is especially essential. Puori has delivered the best of the best.

The collagen is tasteless, and can be dissolved in your morning coffee. Each scoop provides you with over 90% pure protein, that enriches the nutritional profile of any drink, smoothie or other beverage.

We typically add Puori Vitamin C with Puori Collagen to get the maximum of both supplements. It can be easily thrown in your post-training smoothie with Protein and frozen berries.

Puori: Providing clean and superior products only.

It all began in 2009 with the frustration of not being able to find an Omega-3 fish oil that didn’t give fishy burps. Being the strivers that they are, founders Julius and Oliver said: “We’ll have to make it ourselves!

"Supplements should be based on nothing but pure and natural ingredients," sportsmen Oliver Amdrup-Chamby’s and Julius Heslet’s believed, and then proved over and over again from vitamins, minerals and oils to protein boosters, they strive to be the best at offering pure, clean & superior products.

Just like us at feedzone, Puori believes that health is an ever-evolving journey centered around making quality decisions within the four cornerstones of a good life:

  • a healthy diet,
  • physical activity,
  • recovery,
  • and balance.


No hack or quick fixes but rather a roadmap to holistic approach to health. Their product portfolio addresses the main nutritional deficiencies in the developed world in the most uncompromising way possible. Pure origin, full transparency, and care for a wholesome future. They surely gained our respect!

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Puori Collagen Peptides - CP1

Puori Collagen Peptides - CP1