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SaltStick Caps Plus Race Ready


Experience enhanced endurance and focus with SaltStick Caps Plus, the next level in electrolyte replacement for athletes and active individuals. These innovative capsules not only replenish key electrolytes but also include caffeine and sodium citrate for an extra performance edge.

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Energize and Replenish with a Cutting-Edge Blend

SaltStick Caps Plus offers a comprehensive blend of essential electrolytes, including sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium, mirroring the profile lost through sweat. The addition of 30 mg of caffeine per capsule provides a gentle yet effective energy boost, enhancing focus and concentration during long and strenuous activities. Sodium citrate, a natural antacid, helps soothe the stomach, making these capsules ideal for sensitive systems or during intense physical exertion. Perfect for endurance athletes, triathletes, and outdoor enthusiasts, SaltStick Caps Plus aids in preventing muscle cramping and fatigue, allowing for sustained performance and quicker recovery.

Convenient and Tailored for Athletes

SaltStick Caps Plus are designed for maximum convenience and ease of use. The capsules are small and easy to swallow, fitting seamlessly into your training regimen. They come in a portable and durable container that's easy to carry in a pocket, race belt, or bike bag. This allows athletes to easily manage their electrolyte and caffeine intake according to individual needs and activity intensity. The balanced formula provides a steady energy supply without the jitters or crash often associated with high-caffeine products. Whether you're in the middle of a marathon, an intense cycling session, or a challenging hike, SaltStick Caps Plus are your go-to solution for maintaining peak performance and focus.

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SaltStick Caps Plus Race Ready

SaltStick Caps Plus Race Ready